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It all starts with the art! 

Alias: Nick Simon 

b. 1991

At 31 years old, CANTSTOPGOODBOY (CSGB), is quickly making his mark in the contemporary art world. A native of Southern California, he was introduced to the world of art at an early age by his mother, a professional art restorer. His talents were recognized early but school would not prove to be the environment in which he would flourish. In high school, CANTSTOPGOODBOY was discouraged by a short-sighted art teacher, resulting in a four year hiatus.

With no formal training, he rediscovered his love for art during his freshman year of college where he became inspired both by the prominence of street art and by an art professor who quickly recognized his abilities. After one semester he transferred to the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he took general studies classes while his art was sidelined as a hobby. It only took one semester at Boulder for CANTSTOPGOODBOY to realize that creating art, and not academics, is his true passion. 

With a meticulous attention to detail, utilizing mixed media (vintage comics) and various other techniques which he has coined the term “RealFake.”

Collaborations with companies such as Sony, Warner Bros., Serj Tankian, Atlantic Records, Coachella Music Festival, Absolut Vodka, Converse, TOMS Shoes, Sol Republic, the Audience, eOne Entertainment and American Idol to name a few, show you clearly CANTSTOPGOODBOY.




Solo Exhibitions -

2023 February 15th - 18th MRG Fine Art, LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA 
2022 December 5th Winn Slavin Context Miami, Miami Beach, Florida 
2022 February 11th – April 9th, Robert Berry Gallery, New York City, New York
2020 - 2022 Malibu Residency Malibu Village, Malibu, CA
2020  March 14th Star Trek™ x CANTSTOPGOODBOY
2020 *Feb 23 Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2019 *July “Gallery Staff” Canvas Malibu, Malibu, CA
2018 *June Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2017 *July “RealFake: DTLA”, Guerrilla Artelier,DTLA, Los Angeles, CA
2017 *March “RealFake”, Canvas Malibu, Malibu, CA
2016 “CANTSTOPGOODBOY Land (Installation)”, Merv Griffin Estate / Coachella Music Festival. Coachella, Indio, CA
2016 “eOne Entertainment CSGB Installation” Tiff International Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2016 “RealFake: Empty Crate”, White Walls, San Fransisco, CA
2016 “808”, Six 01 Studios, Burbank, CA, USA
2016 “CANTSTOPGOODBOY” Struck Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2015 “RealFake”, Art Angels, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
2013 “Absolute Vodka Installation”, Coachella Music Festival, Coachella, Indio, USA
2013 “PINK presented by Hot Rod”, Hot Rod Gallery, Westwood, CA, USA
2013 “C.S.G.B.”, Project Gallery, Hollywood, CA, USA
2013 “ Crooked”, Canvas Malibu, Malibu, CA, USA
2013 “Sound of the Streets”, Warner Bros. Records, Burbank, CA, USA
2012 “Denim Canvas”, The Standard, Hollywood, CA, USA
2012 “Lucky 13”, Pop tArt Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2012 “Pop-UP” Country Mart, Malibu, CA, USA
2012 “CSGB Pool Party” Drais Hollywood, Hollywood, CA, USA
2011 “Layers” Design Matters Gallery, West LA, CA, USA
Group Exhibitions - 
2017 *December “Context Miami” Arteria Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
York, USA
2017 *December “Aqua Miami” Arteria Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
2017 *November AAFSingapore, Arteria Gallery, Singapore
2017 *May “AAFHK” Arteria Gallery, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2017 *March “AAFNYC” Arteria Gallery, NYC, New York, USA
2017 “Art Wynwood” Arteria Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
2017 “LA Art Show” MRG Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2016 “Art Basel (Scope)” Axiom Contemporary, Miami, Flordia, USA
2016 “AAF London” Axiom Contemporary, London, England, UK
2016 “AAFNY” Axiom Contemporary, New York, New York, USA
2015 “Eye for Sound” NUMU Museum, Los Gatos, CA, USA
2014 “Context Art Miami”, Samuel Owen Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
2014 “Scope Art Basel” Project Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
2014 “ Art Toronto” Project Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2014 “Art Aspen” Axiom Contemporary, Aspen, Colorado, USA
2014 “Art Hampton” Project Gallery, Sag Harbor, New York, USA
2014 “Affordable Art Fair” Axiom Contemporary, NYC, New York, USA
2014 “Art Market San Francisco”, Axiom Contemporary, Fort Mason, San Fransisco, USA
2013 “CSGB and RISK”, Canvas Malibu, Malibu, CA , USA
2011 “80/20” LA Canvas, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2011 “Fixed”, Lab Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2011 “Scope” Maximillan Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
CANTSTOPGOODBOY Public/Private Collections - 
The Andy and Judy Pollack Collection, Toronto, Ontario
The Haddad Collection, NYC, New York
The Ivan Ilan Collection, Los Angeles, CA
The Oliver Luckett Collection, Los Angeles / Iceland
Vanbarton Group Collection, The Richard Coles Collection, NYC, New York
The Inson Wood Design Collection, NYC, New York
The Reed Smith Collection, Los Angeles, CA
Sony Pictures Private Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Warner Bros Records Private Collection, Burbank, CA
Urban Arts Collection, NYC, New York
NUMU Museum Collection, Los Gatos, CA
eOne Entertainment Private Collection, Toronto, Ontario
Paramount Pictures Private Collection (Andrew Gumpert), Los Angeles, CA